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Gatorade - marketing case study

The Gatorade marketing campaign used integrated marketing concepts by using strategic ways of evoking emotions by showing how The University of Florida football team overcame adversity and triumphed over their opponent by replenishing their energy using Gatorade. By portraying this message to their viewers they caused their profits to skyrocket and everyone began to want Gatorade. By using this true story as a strategic way of marketing they were also able to propel the usage of their products further.

Gatorade is owned by PepsiCo. which makes it a Pepsi product. One crucial way that Gatorade navigates their marketing, social outreach, and overall brand is by mainly focusing on noncarbonated beverages. Pepsi owns many different brands of soda but for the longest amount of time, Gatorade was the only one of its kind which is what made it so popular. The first ever electrolyte-rich (and actually good for you) sports drink. Something that other brands can learn from Gatorade is to sell your product for what it is, don’t give false claims or accusations. By releasing an organic version of Gatorade they are also targeting another specific group of health conscious, sports drink consumers.

Also by repeatedly testing their products in new ways, Gatorade is able to stay on top of their competition by constantly changing and innovating their brand and concepts. By always understanding your audience you can always know what you need to do to make your products better.

Since Gatorade is a sports drink the best thing for them to do is not only engage with athletes but give back to athletes which is another reason why Gatorade is such a coveted brand. Some of the best sports teams in the world are sponsored by Gatorade, this is another way they stay relevant and in the public eye, by getting the necessary exposure from these teams.


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